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Monty Python's Flying Circus
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'It's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart', Famous Deaths, Italian Lesson, Whizzo Butter, 'It's the Arts', Arthur "Two-Sheds" Jackson, Cycling Race, and The Funniest Joke in the World. ...

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05 Oct 1969
Whither Canada?
John Howard Davies, Ian MacNaughton
Season 4
Ep Title Released
#1 The Golden Age of Ballooning (670 clips) 05 Oct 1969
#2 Michael Ellis (731 clips) 05 Oct 1969
#3 The Light Entertainment War (675 clips) 05 Oct 1969
#4 Hamlet (641 clips) 05 Oct 1969
#5 Mr. Neutron (636 clips) 05 Oct 1969
#6 Party Political Broadcast (644 clips) 05 Oct 1969